A plug for Lileks

If you haven’t discovered James Lileks, you will have by the end of the post.  (Providing, of course, that you click the link to go to his site.)  In his blog today, he gives some examples of Christmas cards from the ’50s out of a lot he recently purchased.  (If you’re reading this not on December 15, then click the link for previous entries.)

I discovered his site about a year ago, and far too late by then, in my opinion.  Using the StumbleUpon plug-in on my Firefox browser, I literally “stumbled” onto his motel postcard collection, and spent the next two hours laughing hysterically at his comments.  Keep in mind that I am NOT a “laugh out loud” person.  But I did that day, and have many times since while reading Lilek’s writing.

Those with a soft spot for all that’s retro will have hours of entertainment while browsing his Institute of Official Cheer, where he seems to be constantly adding new projects to amuse the masses.  Be prepared to lose hours of your life within the various catacombs of his website.

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