A refreshing glimpse of retro design

When school was called off early yesterday, I stopped by the wine shop and picked up a bottle of pinot grigio.  The temptation to be able to sit on the couch with a glass of wine while watching the snow fall was just too much to resist.

The trip was well worth it when I received my wine in this ultra-cool retro designed bag:

I noticed that the bottom of the bag said “Epic Productions,” so of course I sought this company out on the ‘net.  I found the bag, but was a little let down when I saw it was available for wholesalers only.  Looking at the fine print, I realized that no, I didn’t need 500 retro wine bags — I just wanted to own that design.  So I have smoothed out the bag the best I could, and it currently sits on the kitchen counter, awaiting further instructions.

By the way, the Epic Productions site does have a site for non-wholesalers, but alas, no cool retro bag. Click here to see a selection of their other paper bags.  While you’re there, take a stroll around the site.  They have some neat items.

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