Fun with Google ads

I have the little Google ads on the left side of this site, mainly for pure entertainment value.  You see, the ads are conjugated from the content of this site, so one never knows which words will grab one ad or another.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the cicadas in my yard.  Now I have this ad popping up:

Wow — cicada items?  Like what?   One-size-fits-all cicada shells for the low income cicada? That Yahoo certainly has everything one needs!

Honestly, I have no idea what words formulated the next ad:

Ok, I get the single parent thing.  But why the emphasis on “father pictures”?  Is looking at a picture of a guy who’s a father way better (or different) than looking at a pic of a single guy?  Is there a specific fetish market for people who like to gawk at men who have reproduced at some point in their lives?

Probably the most irksome thing about this ad is the misuse of the apostrophe in “videos.”  Somehow the word “pictures” has appeared unscathed … go figure.

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