And now, on with the show . . .

Although drive-in movie theaters were beginning to become relics of the past when I was growing up, I do have a rather clear memory of being taken to see Close Encounters of the Third Kind when I was about three.  I haven’t seen the movie since, but there’s one scene that stays with me in that film because it’s been burned into my memory.  It might be this one, as that yellow-orange light is part of the memory, but for some reason my 3-year old mind recalls something about this light emanating from somewhere in the kitchen, like an oven or something.  Not that I think my 3-year old mind always perceiving things accurately, but still.  Here’s the screen shot that I think my child brain had actually stored for thirty-three years now:

What – like a child would think that’s spooky or something?  Pssh!  All I can say is that my parents must have been short on babysitter change that night.

It’s good old memories of the drive-in movies that made me stop to view thess clips from; they’re clips of intermission videos — dancing hot dogs and all.  Do they bring back memories for any of you?


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2 Replies to “And now, on with the show . . .”

  1. Yes, I know what it feels like missing those good ol days of drive-in movie theaters wherein you get to have a date side by side in your car and eat McDonalds together—under the moonlight.

    But what a shame; I never saw that movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, so I can’t relate to that illuminating photo with dominant orange.

    Perhaps, if I can have the time, I’ll hit the video shops…

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