Chrome: tastes like chicken

Sorry for the weird title.  I had mentioned in an earlier post that our renovations were so close that I could almost taste them.  This, of course, was my sentiment as I sat down to write this post, with our loan closing coming up on Tuesday.  It’s close … I can almost taste that yummy cracked ice chrome table that will eventually be in my dining room.  I know, I focus on the table whenever I talk about renovations, but dang, that table is cool.

I still haven’t made any firm decisions on lighting, although the George Kovacs Bling Bling light that I mentioned before still catches my eye every time I see it.   Is it possible to go overboard with chrome? — because I love it.  I suppose the worst thing that could happen is if the setting sun happens to catch the chrome, and it shoots out bright laser-like rays, blinding everyone within sight.  At that moment, I will know that I went too far.

In a week, I hope to have some pictures of the initial destruction.  Stay tuned.

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