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It’s the end of the quarter at school, which not only means that I get to spend my weekend correcting mountains of papers, but I’ve also lost most of my ability to form paragraphs longer than a sentence or two — which yes, I know, isn’t really a paragraph.  My brain is tired, but I have had some interesting things happens lately.  The result?  Snippet-writing time.

#1:  Last weekend I went to the movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  I am not familiar with the books or the author, but I’m convinced that whoever wrote those books remembers middle school all too clearly.  Talk about hitting the nail on the head!  Very cute movie.  Go see it.

#2:  My sister, who is approaching her 40th birthday this summer, bought a Harley yesterday.  I went with her to watch her buy it, and I felt the faint stirrings of wanting to buy one myself.  I’ve never driven a motorcycle in my life.

#3: After 36 years of having a love-hate relationship with exercise, I’ve suddenly felt the urge to run when I go out for my walks, so I have been — running, that is.  I feel like Forrest Gump (“I just felt like running . . . “).  I can’t get over the feeling that there’s some secret society that creates running rules and that I’m doing it wrong.

#4: I find it funny how Mother Nature delights in proving everyone wrong.  After the record-setting snowfall we had this season, everyone predicted doomsday when the snow began to melt.  Now 98% of the snow is gone, and flooding was minimal, thanks to rain and moderate temps that forced a slow melting.

#5: In 1985, the first VHS video rental store came to my hometown, and we felt that we were on the cusp of modern technology every time we walked out of that store with a rental.  Just this last month, the only two video rental stores closed down in the town where I now live, leaving nothing but a couple of Red Box units.  I have Netflix, but I’m still sad about the end of an era.

#6: While I will rarely finish a Diet Coke, I have the urge to guzzle Diet A&W root beer.  It is one of the only sodas that I will consistently finish after I open it.

#7: When my computer wakes up from sleep, it sometimes takes a couple seconds to find my wireless signal.  Sometimes I am too hasty with trying to get to a site and my computer will say, “You are not connected to the internet.”  Without fail, I will either think or say out loud “Like hell I’m not!”   I’m never angry when I say it — it’s just become a really strange habit.

#8: The washing machine is one of the best inventions EVER.  When I’m tempted to complain about doing laundry, I think about lugging all those clothes down to the river to wash them by hand.  My attitude changes pretty quickly.

#9: I do not understand why people find it necessary to fold their underwear.  Who’s going to notice if it’s wrinkled?

#10: Today I was trying to register for an online site and I was frustrated at how all my potential usernames were already taken.  Thinking of my sister’s Harley, I put in vroomvroom.

It was taken.

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