One man’s style is another man’s ugly

When we first moved into this house, the plan was easy: fix it all up in 6 months and transform it into a house we love.

And eight years later, here we are! Just beginning the major improvements to this place.

Oh, there have been other things, of course. The basement was tiled so we no longer had any more water problems, the roof was reshingled, the bedroom was recarpeted to remove the PINK carpet that plagued this home, and numerous other minor details. Now we’re ready for the big stuff, and I’m kind of scared.

This are decisions we have to live with for the rest of our lives — or until we sell the house.

The improvements we have made, though irreversable, have begun to bring this home into the 21st century, however. Take a look at this picture from when my oldest boy was a wee little tot:

The kid saves the picture once you realize what’s behind him. Fake brick! That’s right … someone’s brilliant decision to put fake brick on an interior wall, and a very bad imitation of brick at that. Perhaps the brick would have been more tolerable, say, if it weren’t paired with the one color in the world that would make the entire room give anyone a migraine: pink.

The wall didn’t last long after this picture was taken. Soon after, it was painted the same color as the other walls.

I hadn’t realized how much I disliked this wall and the pink carpet of this house until I went looking for evidence of what this house originally looked like. NO pictures whatsoever of the pink carpet in multiple rooms. Although I was pregnant soon after we moved in here, I do have recollections of sweating like a pig with my overly large belly while my husband and I ripped out that pink carpet to reveal the hardwood floors underneath.

I saved my child from having to be born into a Pepto Bismol world. There is no greater love.

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One Reply to “One man’s style is another man’s ugly”

  1. Oh Lordy, pink carpets and walls and fake brick would surely make me reach for the pepto bismol, although I’m sure, as you said, that you didn’t want your son being born into a room that looked like something you reach for after having stomach disorders. You are too funny. OH, and by the way, I am now following your Twitter. Funny thing is, I was always afraid to pop off the keys to my laptop and I have a ton of crumbs under there. I was wondering how to clean. Thanks to your genius twitter, I am no longer afraid. I’ll let you know if I destroy my computer.


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