I spy some retro design!

Still swamped with the beginning of school madness.  Haven’t yet adjusted to the pile of papers covering both my desks in two separate buildings.  Someday they’ll be clean.  Like in June.

In the meantime, however, I just had to share a lovely little glimmer of hope in the world of really boring product packaging.  I’d love to kiss whoever thought of this one:


And yes, I will confess: I bought this bag of candy mostly for the packaging.  I’m a sick, sick woman.

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2 Replies to “I spy some retro design!”

  1. I see you went shopping at Hy-Vee, Miss Jen . . .

    Their house brand products are offered alongside brand-names here in my western Iowa town store. What I’ve noticed of late is that my personal favorite Brach’s lemon drops have been replaced with Hy-Vee brand lemon drops.

    If I believed in re-incarnation, I would have been a Taste-Tester/Sniffer to the Queen. And I hereby pronounce the Hy-Vee lemon drops *inferior*. Yes, the packaging is cute and retro, but product? Not so much . . .

    1. I hear you! I think our Hy-Vee still offers Brach’s, but I could be wrong. There are some products that I think Hy-Vee does better than others, but there are several others that fall flat. I suppose that’s the normal way of store brands. I did end up buying the fireballs, though, and they’re pretty darn good. 🙂

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