Emerging from the dark side

Oh, I know.  It’s been awhile.  A great while, actually, but at least I wasn’t being intentionally neglectful.

School has started, and I have made it through the first week and a half without any major issues.  All that pre-planning I did earlier this month is starting to pay off, for these past few days have been far less hectic than they usually are.

I’ve become a tech diva this year, uploading my class lectures to a website so that students can view them if they miss class.  The plus side, of course, is feeling like I’m doing something worthwhile.  The downside is having to view myself on video each day.  I’d rather not!

(I’m doing it for the kids, I tell myself, as I listen to my bumbles and critique my outfit that day. It’s all for the kids.)

The tech issues are actually a lot easier to solve than I thought they would be, especially since I received a new laptop this year after, uh, tripping over the cord one too many times last year.  I’ve been rewarded for my own clumsiness, I guess.  At least I’m using the new technology to its fullest, right?  The new laptop has a built-in webcam, so it’s a lot easier to record straight from my laptop.  No downloading video from a camera, and no dealing with tripods — which would undoubtedly be yet another thing for me to trip over in my room.  I’m a klutzy gal when I’m going full-throttle in teaching mode — or any mode, for that matter.  My mom used to often shake her head and wonder aloud why she wasted money on my ballet lessons when I was younger.  I wonder the same thing about a dozen times a day.  A couple of years invested and I didn’t even learn gracefulness?

Fall has finally descended.  Woke up this morning to 50 degrees on the thermometer, so I decided that maybe, just maybe, it was time to turn off the A/C and open the windows.  Right now I’m sitting outside wearing a sweatshirt (yes, and pants too) and I’m still feeling a wee bit chilly.  Then again, I like to take steaming hot baths even on the hottest nights of the year, so perhaps I have a thing for warmth!  When someone invents a portable hot tub that I can just drive around in, I’ll be set for life.

Off to clean the house.  I may drown in the laundry pile.

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