A completely schizophrenic bathroom

I expected something different. After prying up the existing vinyl flooring, I have discovered that my horribly decorated bathroom has burgundy tile, black trim, and, underneath the current floor, this:

Light blue ugly tile.

If there’s not a more messed up color scheme in the entire world, I don’t know what is.

I was hoping for 50’s cool. Instead, I got mid-century horrific. (Side note: see the pink squiggly carpet fibers that were stuck under the threshold? That lovely pink stuff was what 95%of this house was covered in when we moved in.)

I know, I know, the current tile isn’t that far off from what’s underneath, but at least that had burgundy accents in it, and it looked just so darn cute (gag) with the basket and bunny wallpaper. This color scheme? Doesn’t work. And if the pink paint underneath the wallpaper was original to the house, then I’m thinking that the person responsible for coordinating colors in this bathroom should be convicted of cruel and unusual punishment. To our eyesight, that is.

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