A great find!

A friend and I visited a local consignment shop the other day. Despite it being local (ok, ok, it’s a few miles out of town, but I still consider it local), it was the first time I had been the first time I had been in there. To tell the truth, when I stepped into the store, I felt a little let down, because I had hoped for fewer clothes and more piles o’ stuff where I’d have a good chance of scoring something retro.

Imagine my surprise when I started lifting up dishes in a stack and found this gem:


It looks like it might be a serving piece with its larger oval shape. There is absolutely no marking anywhere on the dish that says who made it or what collection it’s from. Despite it’s “generic” status, though, I absolutely love it, despite the chip on the side, and despite the fact that the silver edging has a bit of wear on it. $1.25 to boot! Now to find a place for this great dish . . . that is the next challenge.

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