Things I’d like to have, and things I’m glad I don’t

Yet another day of waiting for the bank. <sigh> In the meantime, I’d like to share some pretty — and some not-so-pretty — things with you. There are tons of pictures I could have selected for this post, but I narrowed it down to three.

Things I’d like to have

First, this pic from a 1958 John Plain catalog. Why don’t they make women’s shavers pretty like this anymore?

Stars, ballerinas …. wouldn’t this make shaving your legs a little less mundane?

Things I’d never like to have, no matter how many people tell me how scrumptious they are:

For this last one, I’m going to warn you: if you have just eaten, do not — I repeat, DO NOT — scroll down. The image created in your mind will haunt you for days.

Final category:

Things that make me grateful that I live in modern America: (click for bigger picture)

This was an ad from a 1903 bound collection of School Journal.

The last line of the testimonial almost sounds like a punch line. One can only hope that Mr. William Brown was a pseudonym and that 184 Franklin Street was an empty lot. I mean, if I just told the word that I “passed” a thousand tape worms out of my rectum, I would NOT be putting my full name and address in the ad.  I don’t care how much they paid me.  I hope William Brown felt lots better and lived out his remaining days in peace.

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One Reply to “Things I’d like to have, and things I’m glad I don’t”

  1. Have you noticed that the things that were made back in the 40s and 50s are better than the crap you find nowadays? My mother-in-law took really good care of her razor and other assorted objects from the 50s and 60s. She was a bit of a nut, but that’s beside the point. Still, everything she had was well built and nowadays, everything is crap plastic or something cheap and breakable. I think the manufacturers want you to break it so that you’ll go out and buy it new again.

    Oh, and as for knobs – My whole house was filled with that gold knob stuff – gross me out. I replaced all of them with the nickel finish knobs, fixtures, handles, and now I want bronze. Never satisfied I’ll tell ya. But, my hubby won’t let me change them and I can’t say that I blame him. We spent a fortune on the nickel finish stuff.


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