It’s that time again (retro clocks!)

I have to be careful not to become addicted to retro clocks. I love to look at them, especially the original oldies on eBay, but I have to keep myself from clicking “Buy Now.” If I clicked that button for every clock that struck my fancy, I’d have a garage full of clocks, and probably no husband.

In my previous post, I talked about the benefits of buying a new cracked ice chrome table rather than trying to find one that is in the desired color and is also in good condition. Buying retro-styled clocks for around your home is another area where buying new is almost as fun as finding an oldie but goodie.

Initially I did look on eBay to try to find a red retro kitchen clock. I found plenty, of course, but with old kitchen clocks I began to wonder if the wiring would become a problem. Kitchen clocks generally plugged in and were not battery operated like today’s clocks. Did I really want to take a chance on buying a clock with a frayed cord or short in it? Now, If I were Handy Mandy and knew about repairing electronics, I’d say “no problemo,” but since I’m Teacher Jen with absolutely NO knowledge of electronics, I’d say I’d be best buying a new clock that ran on batteries.

kitchenclock1<–I impulsively bought this clock from Walmart one day, mainly because I loved the shiny chrome look. (Since it’s a modern clock, you will not be surprised to learn that it’s not chrome, it’s plastic.) But it looks like chrome, and that’s all that matters. I wanted my kitchen to have accents of chrome, and I knew this clock would be the perfect accessory. Yep, it was. A quick look through Walmart’s online store doesn’t turn up this clock, but you might be able to find it in the stores.

lrclock1 –>For the dining room, I knew I wanted some sort of starburst or sunshine clock. Target was the source for this one, and I’ve been pleased to see a wide variety of starburst clocks in stores and on the ‘net. Even if these clocks are not technically “coming back,” they are at least becoming more abundant so that we 50’s decorators can provide accent to our home without spending half our lives on eBay, hoping for deals.

Check out some of these clocks that I have run across online:

redretroclock3 <–This fun red kitchen clock is from Walmart. Red is such a great accent color for kitchens, and the retro styling of this one makes it the perfect accessory to any kitchen. (I honestly don’t mean to sound all QVC-ish . . . or Price Is Right-ish . . . )

retrocolorstarburst1 –>This clock has the awesome retro components of the starburst shape as well as vivid colors. The colors almost seem a little too bright to me — perhaps if the colors were a little more pastel they would indeed seem retro. Still, this clock would make a great accent piece to the right kitchen, such as Pam Kueber’s turquoise kitchen. (If you haven’t discovered the Retro Renovation site, you’re missing out. Go there now! Wait — go there when you’re done reading this post.)

silverstarburst1 <–Ah, a retro metal sunshine clock. Spiky metal rays! Awesome.

georgenelson1 –>Although this is a table clock, it is still retro as heck. Turquoise, chunky geometric shapes, and most importantly, something different than your run-of-the-mill table clock. LOVE IT.

silverstarburstdanish1 <– Gah! If I would have spied this clock before buying the aforementioned Walmart sunburst clock, this would have been the one to adorn my living room wall. Love it, love it, love it!

Don’t you think it’s time you found a retro clock that you absolutely love?

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