Excuse me while I awaken from this coma …

The guilt finally got to me, and I opened up the WordPress dashboard to engage in the weekly Deleting of the Spam, a hearty family tradition that warms my heart every time I participate.

Anyway, I glanced at the date of my last entry and stopped cold: January 18?  Really?  Where have I been? Why haven’t I written a word in over three weeks?

Then I remembered: I have written plenty of words, but none of them have ended up on this blog.  I’ve written words about poetry, Henry V, grammar, and composition.  But no, I have not uttered a word about the 50s.  And man, my soul is feeling the absence of those warm fuzzy thoughts.

This winter has been unique: lots of snow days (5 so far), which meant lots of schedule shuffling and calendar modification.  As a result, we ended up wrapping up the first semester on a Tuesday, and beginning second semester on a Wednesday.  Normally this should be an over-the-weekend deal, leaving time for the teachers to mentally and physically put one semester behind them and bring out the new.  Even I never imagined how the absence of a few days would throw me for a loop.  I’ve pretty much been in survival mode for the past few weeks and am just beginning to see my way out of it.

Every year I’m in education, I marvel at how they find a way every few years to force us to reinvent the wheel.  Somebody digs deep into the Bag of Common Sense, slaps a fancy title on it and starts selling it to the educrats, and suddenly we’re being asked to realign our curriculum with Mr. So-and-So’s new program.  This year I’m trying to deal with two such programs, and of course we have to present their ways of teaching to our class, gather data, get samples of student work, and present it at the end of the year as proof that we actually teach in our classroom.  (I for one was having a great time having spontaneous siesta time and amateur mime competitions in my classroom before they started making us do something.)  While I see the need for lifelong education among those of us who are knee-deep in it (education, I mean), jumping through the hoops gets rather old.

Soooo … let me step off my soapbox now and turn my attentions to something cool and retro, like the new table/garden cart that I purchased at a local used furniture store a couple weeks ago.  It couldn’t be more perfect for my kitchen if I handcrafted it myself, which would never happen, but I think you get my point.  Pictures to come later today.

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