A fire on a snowy morning

My fireplace experience didn’t turn out so great at first.  The two boxes that housed the fireplace parts came on two different days, so there was panic on the first day when I just received the fireplace frame and not the firebox or logs.  I put the frame together, and was a little miffed at the vague directions, but it all worked out in the end.  Last night we received 8″ of snow, so when I got up this morning, I wasted no time in doing this:

Now all I need is some sort of comfy chair to angle near the fireplace, and I’m all set for many a snowy winter night … or morning.

The curtains should be here at any time.  After going through website after website in search of something that was the right look but still affordable, I found my curtains at good old Wal-mart.  Please meet the faux silk curtains that will hang in the new room:

Affordable, good reviews, nice look.  Who could ask for anything more?

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