The contractors worked most of the day today, installing trim and quarter-round.  My coveted George Kovacs “Bling Bling” light was hung, and, at that moment, angels sang.  Until the table comes in, we’re using our wobbly card table as a very, very, VERY poor substitute.  The K Mart tablecloth (obviously straight out of the bag, hence the wrinkles) almost hides the ugly thing. But the chairs are cool, aren’t they?

Next decision: curtains. God help me on this one.

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4 Replies to “Tah-Daaaaaah!”

  1. Whoa….that looks awesome!!!! I love the light! We bought some Coke products off of Craigs List and got them yesterday…he even gave me some seat cushions for free. Nice bunch of stuff!!! Cabinet doors almost finished. They need one more coat of paint. Your kitchen is looking amazing!

  2. Its heartwarming to see the Bling Bling lamp hanging in your home (I designed it). Good luck with the table and thanks for being a fan of Kovacs.

    Happy Holidays,
    Alecia Wesner

  3. Congratulations, Alecia, for designing a such a wonderful light! I knew as soon as I saw it that it was “the one.” Beautiful! I love it.

  4. LOVE George Kovacs lighting. Great choice. Add so much fun. Could it be dropped closer to the table one day? A suspension look would enhance the space age / orbital feel. You can get electrical cords and re-wire fairly simply. The general rule is 30″ above table top but the ceiling appears tall so you could play with the final height – you don’t want to see the top of the fixture when standing.

    Possibly, it’s installed high for a reason. Hope the comments are welcomed.

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