Flooring is almost done!

Only a few more feet of the flooring to go.  I am amazed at how easy this flooring is to install … although I say that as an observer, not the installer.  It’s easy for those words to leave my lips when I’m not doing the cutting and measuring.  The fact that I said those words in that order (cutting and measuring rather than measuring and cutting) probably tells the casual observer that I’m better off behind a computer keyboard.

The flooring has a wonderful texture to it, and although I don’t think I’ve ever seen real slate on a floor, I’m going to refer to the reviews about this flooring on Home Depot when I say that the label “slate-look” is certainly true here.  Even my contractor was impressed with the quality of the flooring and ease of installation.

It’s only at Home Depot and only on their online store, in case you’re interested.  I’m already in love with the stuff.

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  1. wow looking great…kinda jealous now….I think my kitchen would have looked great with that floor but I like what I have…I’ll not be jealous (for long anyway!)

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