Please stand …

… and admire the beauty of the red cracked ice chrome chairs, which arrived today.  The table is still being made, so for now I just have to imagine what the final product will look like.

Now sit, and view a lone red chair in its new home, waiting for mama table.

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2 Replies to “Please stand …”

  1. The table was used. My husband bought it for me for our anniversary. We replaced the windows in our house then decided to remodel the kitchen. I always disliked the table we had and told him I wanted a chrome table like my Granny had in her house. Didn’t care what color it was so one day he takes me for a drive and there’s my table. The table is in great shape. Only one chair has a small nick in the back cushion. When the weather gets warmer I will polish the legs on the table and chairs. It makes me happy everytime I look at it!

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