Snow day!

My school really hasn’t had a lot of snow days, so now I have some time to make a new post. The last six months have been a blur – not only because of my husband’s health issues that I wrote about previously, but also because the school year seems a little more chaotic than usual. Part of this is due to having to plan for a lot of subs, which is now not as much, but part of it was also having a little mish-mash with classes and having to share sections with two other teachers. When there’s no common planning time built into the school day for this, it makes everything more chaotic.

Ok, end of rant.

I haven’t had a lot of time to go shopping for fun vintage stuff; the last trip we took was kind of a bust. My husband found some vinyl, but I found zero tablecloths or anything else that I really liked. However, in typical “me” fashion, I started to get the Kitchen-Klatter bug again after reading a visitor comment and remembering how much I enjoyed reading about that program. While I was very young when the program was aired, it is ingrained in my memories. I have distinct recollections of the ladies’ voices on the air as my mom sat at the kitchen table and wrote down the recipes being read over the air. There was something comforting about the sound of their voices, and for whatever reason, that memory has stayed with me over the years.

In modern times, eBay is there to rescue us from longing scraps from the past. I will admit going on eBay soon after I read the reader’s comment and looking for Kitchen-Klatter material. Although I don’t have a lot of room in my house to collect all the magazines, I did want to have a few from the 1950s, so I purchased those. Not sure if there’s any interest in having me scan those in, but if anyone would like me to do so, leave a comment and let me know.

Another little tidbit I purchased was a little cookbook for “Oven Dishes / One Dish Meals / Meat Cookery.” It is Volume 5, so it’s an isolated sample of this sort of publication, but I thought I would scan it in anyway for any Kitchen-Klatter fans out there. Here it is.

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