A boom in the tablecloth market

I apologize for writing about tablecloths AGAIN. By now you’re probably thinking I have a bit of an issue. Well, perhaps I do. Back when I was selling tablecloths pretty regularly from my Etsy store, I so enjoyed the process of finding cloths, cleaning them to look like new, and then either keeping them or selling them.

For awhile, I had no luck finding them in antique stores, so I really didn’t buy any.

When I met my husband, we had a mutual love of all things retro, although our retro eras were a little bit apart; I loved stuff from the 40-60s and he loved things from the 80s – mainly 80s vinyl. But we do enjoy browsing through antique stores and seeing what treasures we can find.

Suddenly, I am finding great tablecloths left and right and I can feel that excitement that I used to feel whenever I ran across one with a great label or one with the original tags still attached. I went from not being able to find it anywhere to having to be selective about which tablecloths I do get because I’m finding them everywhere. Here are a few that I picked up on our last trip:

This cloth had a few yellow stains, but after soaking it and spot treating it and laying it in the sun, it looks brand new.
This cloth really isn’t in colors that I would normally use, but it reminded me of one of the cloths that I wish now that I never sold. I called it my “orange juice cloth” and it was so bright and vibrant and unique. Seller’s regret for sure! Anyway, this one is similar, so I picked it up for a few bucks.
This is the cloth that I regretted selling. If I find another like it, it’s mine!
This pattern is one that was used by Wilendur, although this one is a homemade version, I believe. No tag and the stitching looks more homemade than machine-created. I’ve wanted this pattern for a long time. So bright and cheerful! This one I had a little bit of buyer’s regret because I didn’t realize until I was stain treating it how many small yellow stains there were on it. As I sat there with my Spray ‘n’ Wash and a toothbrush, rubbing Oxyclean and stain spray into each spot, I was wondering why in the world I bought the thing. I think it came out rather nicely!
This looks like something to be used on Easter Sunday, doesn’t it?
This one is not new, but it is the first time I have dug it out of the collection and used it on my table. I picked this one up a couple years ago in an antique store and absolutely loved the dainty flowers and spring colors on this one. Even better, it has a finished edge.

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