Antique store scores!

Yesterday my husband and I ventured out to Okoboji, Iowa, which is about 1.5 hours away from where we live. We had visited an antique store there a couple weeks ago, but because we had gotten there so late in the day, we did not get to visit all the antique stores that we saw. There is one store in particular that my husband fell in love with because of one simple reason: vinyl. Lots of vinyl. Even better, there was lots of mint-condition vinyl.

Actually, we both discovered stores that fed our little addictions because I discovered a honeypot of tablecloths in one of the stores. Even better, they were fairly priced. I had about 30 of them to look through, and I made off with 5 of them, including a Wilendur. It is has some faint yellow stains, but I am determined to get this baby looking like new by soaking and scrubbing until it gleams again. Once I saw the tag on this beauty (plus it was 50% off), I knew I had to have it.

Fun fact: This company changed the spelling of its name after 1958, adding an “e” to the name. So if you find a tag like this one, without the “e,” you know it is from 1958 or earlier.

Here are some of the other ones I absconded with. (I just like that word. Please know that I did pay for them.)

I like the colors in this one. Simple white, black and red. It is in perfect condition, too.
This is a tiny square tablecloth, but I thought the animal patterns were cute. Not sure what I will use it for, but it was a cheaply priced cloth in great condition.
The lighting in my kitchen is making this look a more salmon color than it really is. This cloth is a very pretty carnation pink. No fading, although the pics make it look that way. There is one flaw: Aunt Madge put a small burn hole in it with her cigarette after Thanksgiving dinner. I’m assuming her name was Madge. It just fits.
Look what you did, Aunt Madge! JUST LOOK!
Sunflowers always catch my eye. This linen cloth is in perfect condition and is wonderfully cheery.

After I was able to pull myself away from the tablecloths and my husband was about 6 hours older and dehydrated, I walked on with my stack of cloths and found some other treasures. Anyone who has read the blog for a while has probably noticed that I have a weakness for polkadots. Therefore, these had to be mine. They aren’t technically “antique,” but they are cute. And mine. Did I mention that? Mine. Mine, mine, mine.

This clock face was interesting to me for whatever reason. Even though someone separated it from its original housing, I like the vintage look of it. Someone also added a battery box on the back – and it keeps perfect time.
I have always wanted one of these, and I had looked at several in stores lately. However, the price tag usually scared me off. This one was in great shape and the price was right. (What do I win, Bob?)
This Montgomery Ward pan holder is adorable and matches my kitchen perfectly.
Still had the original price tag on it too. It was blank, but it is still cool.

There are three antique stores in Okoboji that are absolutely killer for finding good stuff. Some stores are overprice because Okoboji is a ritzy lake town and there are people who want to pay ritzy lake town prices for crap. I, however, like “found it in grandma’s basement and want to get rid of it ASAP” prices. Those stores have tons of those sort of good buys.

Until next time . . . happy hunting!

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