The Sound of Silence

Ever since I was a child, I have sought out the silence. I’m sure this ties into being an introvert; we tend to shy away from the bright, the busy, and the chaotic. However, the older I get, I realize that those times when I am surrounded by dark and quiet are some of the most important moments of my day.

Right now I am sitting behind my computer, which at the moment is right by the open window facing my backyard. It is just before 5 a.m., so the birds are beginning to sing. The only other sound is my pond, gurgling away. Although I do not consider myself a “morning person” by any means (being social in the morning takes effort), I am a morning person when it comes to hoarding the peace and calm that the morning hours bring.

If it were just a smidge warmer outside, I would probably make a cup of coffee and go sit outside. However, being that May is rather unpredictable with temperatures, this morning is hovering in the ’50s, which is a bit chilly to sit out in the jams and robe. So that is why I’m sitting where I’m sitting now, next to the open window. I kind of get the effect without freezing my buns off.

Perhaps I seek out the silence even more now because the rest of the world is too damn loud, screaming about viruses and race and the economy and China and whatever else the current talking point is. In the interest of covering my own behind, my disclaimer is that I am not belittling any of it. It’s just that for an introvert, the blathering becomes an echo chamber that leaves me exhausted. Being on Facebook means getting a steady stream of other people shouting their opinions all freaking day long, and by the end of the day, I am so weary of all the people who think THEY are right and I need to listen to what they have to say. That’s the beauty of technology, I guess. In all reality, I am not required to listen to what they have to say. My phone screen makes a satisfying *click* when I get tired of all the ranting and raving.

I think this “quarantine time” has helped me rediscover the importance of quiet. I’m old enough to know myself now. This time is crucial to my well being. I know that in a few hours, the rest of the world will awaken, the keyboard warriors will once again be posting whatever memes make them look smarter than the rest of us, and I will be waiting once again for those moments in the day where I can retreat to a world that makes much more sense – one where I can watch TV with my husband, eat dinner with my children, and shut out the noise when it all becomes too much.


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