Kudos to Kleenex

It’s the time of year when I can easily be found wandering the aisles of Walmart with a glazed look in my eye, buying school supplies and about 842 other things that I really didn’t need but had to have at that exact moment.  I don’t know what it is about Walmart, but I think there’s some sort of tranquilizing drug that is piped into the entrance, causing them to forget their budgets and release any sort of remaining restraint that they have.

Perhaps this is why I found myself with a laminator in my cart just a few days ago.

I went there for two things: boxer briefs (not for me, obviously) and Kleenex.  I walked out of there $228 poorer. With a laminator.

I mean, I am a teacher, so it’s no surprise that I would want a laminator.  I kind of have an office supply fetish as well, so I like things like that.  The kicker is that at my school there is an employee who is PAID TO COPY AND LAMINATE STUFF – as in, she would do it FOR ME.

The lesson here is that I just bought something so I could do more work for myself.  I think I get dumber every year I’m alive.

Now . . . I live in a pretty rural part of Iowa, so going to Walmart involves driving at least 45 minutes away to the nearest store.  I liken it to when Pa Ingalls (from Little House on the Prairie) would have to travel to Sleepy Eye or Independence to go get supplies.  It involved planning and inconvenience.

So, why did I travel 45 minutes away for two things – one of them being Kleenex?


I bought a pack of these a couple weeks before.  I got home and continued to marvel at their beauty.  Truthfully, I would like to shake the hand of whoever designed these magnificent works of art.  I realized that these designs would not last forever, however, so I did what any other retro-lovin’ soul would do: I loaded up.  I should be stocked up on Kleenex for the next year or two, but I may just keep the boxes for other purposes.  They are that awesome.

I haven’t seen these designs anywhere other than Walmart, so if you go hunting for them and find some elsewhere, let me know where you snagged your posse.

Starbursts.  <happy sigh>

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