Sometimes it takes a few years ….

When a person is collecting things, there’s usually not a whole lot of patience that goes along with it, especially when that person gets a bug in his/her head to go get something NOW.  It was that way with my cracked ice table.  I had a small bit of patience, because I really wanted a vintage set, but after looking for a couple years and finding nothing that was affordable or in good enough condition to put in my kitchen, I turned to creating a new one.  The downside is that I have a knockoff of the cracked ice laminate that isn’t a pearly and vivid as the original.  But it looks nice, and it’s different, and all the dings and scratches are from me and my kids.

I’ve been searching for some chevron cabinet pulls for some time. Having only run into them in small batches on eBay, Etsy, or in antique stores, I found that they’re usually way overpriced and hard to locate.  So imagine my surprise when I saw on a local garage sale group on Facebook that there were 16 of these babies available for a decent price.




Happy Mother’s Day to me with this find!

Not sure where I’m going to put them yet, as I have far more than 16 cabinet pulls to replace in my kitchen.  For now I am going to hold onto them, having faith that I will eventually find the perfect place to put these.

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