Now for some fun with a 1953 collection of House Beautiful

My dad did it again — he scored a bound collection of 1953 House Beautiful magazines from Lincoln, Nebraska.  I think all my bound collections that I’ve gotten from him have been from Lincoln; since I was born there, that’s kind of neat.

Anyway … I am heading out of town this weekend for the last hurrah before the school year begins; this time it is a mom and sis weekend in Pepin, Wisconsin. A little sun, a little eating, a little relaxation — all of it needed before the chaos of school begins again.

First up, let me present you with an ultra cool and modern view of a kitchen:

Oh, what I wouldn’t give to have counterspace like this.  I figure this kitchen can serve a dual purpose: when it’s not in culinary use, it doubles as a place for family 50-yard dash races.  I think if you called “Hello?” at this end, you’d hear an echo for sure.

My last post was about products you just don’t see anymore in today’s magazines.  I found a couple of doozies in this collection.

The idea of a squeezable flask is a little surprising to me, probably because I’ve never used a flask and can’t imagine a situation where I’d actually want or need one.  Just remember — this is “fine for the glove compartment.”  Wow.

There’s nothing really funny or unusual about this next ad ….

… except that it’s for candles.  When is the last time you’ve seen an ad for taper candles?  That there’s a bygone era, I tell you.  The Twistolites look nice, though.  They really would make me feel special — just like the ad says!

Next up: are you wondering how to get your mother-in-law to hate you for good?  Buy her some of these.

Just think of how delighted your mother-in-law would be when she peruses through a magazine and sees that you got her some earrings that were meant to alert people to a “snoopy old squaw.”  Yikes.

And as long as you have cultivated hate from your mother-in-law, you might as well go the extra mile and get these for your spouse:

Seriously … sometimes there are no words.

After you’ve taken a few sips from your glove compartment flask on the way home from work and are feeling a little chatty, this next little invention should suit you juuuuust fine.

Was there ever shame in being a chain smoker?  Apparently not.  Let’s enable it!

That’s all for now … heading out of the Land of Corn in about two hours.  Have a great weekend!

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