Cracked Ice and Chrome: Now on Etsy

Yes, I’ve opened an Etsy shop after deliberating about it for many moons.  I have a basement full o’ stuff that I love but don’t have room to display in my 1953 ranch.  I can no longer justify keeping boxes of tablecloths in my basement when I know that there are people out there who will actually use them and appreciate them.  That’s what this whole retro fascination is about, anyway — finding stuff that has been buried for eons and giving it a new life.  That’s what my shop will be about … mostly.

Mostly?  Well, yes.  I figure eventually that I will branch out a bit and list not only my favorite retro items, but some of my photography as well.  I’ve spent 20 years taking mostly freebie pictures for people; I had my own darkroom, read numerous books about photography, spent I don’t know HOW much money at Walmart’s photo lab in the 1990s as I tried to perfect the art of film photography, and I still never felt comfortable asking someone for money when it came to photographs.  I’ve dumped a lot of money and energy into this “hobby” of mine, and I finally feel like I’m at the point where I know enough that I can offer up some of my work.  Maybe it’ll sell, maybe it won’t … but at least I can say that I tried, right?

Right now I’m listing a bunch of tablecloths that have been stuck in a box in my basement for several years.  More to come … more to show.  Stay tuned!

Visit my Etsy shop! 

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