Quartz — it’s not just for countertops

When I was doing the kitchen remodel, I wrote a few posts about how I selected the countertop material: Silestone in the texture of Stellar Night.  I still love my countertop with a passion; the silver sparklies in the black are just beautiful to behold.  Here’s a pic of the countertops just after they were installed (and before I had the ugly tile ripped off the walls):

After my sister saw my kitchen countertop installed, she decided to install it in her son’s bathroom.  However, a year or so later, she went the extra step of having it installed on the floor as well.  Obviously, this is an expensive way to do flooring, but it would be super durable and, in the case of using Stellar Night, super shiny and sparkly!

Silestone, remember, is naturally nonporous and does NOT need to be “sealed” the way that marble and granite do.  I have beaten the tar out of my countertop and it is still as scratch-free and shiny as it was the day it was installed 3 years ago.

It appears that the sparkly look of quartz is coming back into style; not only have I noticed more people stumbling onto my blog by searching for “sparkly countertops,” but many websites that specialize in quartz sales are showcasing kitchens and bathrooms that showcase various shades of quartz with sparklies in it.


Well, I mean I admire that kitchen.

I am rather partial to my own kitchen.

For all those retro fans who are mad about pink, there’s a sparky pink tile for you as well:

It’s called Blossom Pink.  It would look divine as a bathroom countertop in a retro pink bathroom.

I do think it’s easy to go overboard with the stone look, even in an ultra-modern household.  I looked at my countertop as an accent piece — something that was durable but stylish and which also fit into my retro themed kitchen.  It doesn’t stand out; it doesn’t look dated.  It just blends in while making a statement at the same time.  THAT is what I call a decorating success!






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3 Replies to “Quartz — it’s not just for countertops”

  1. Truthfully, I don’t remember where I found it, but if you Google search for blossom pink quartz, I imagine you’ll find it somewhere. Good luck!

  2. Hi, I have been looking for Stellar Night in tiles–not the slabs, but can’t find it anywhere. Can you tell me where I can get it? I live in California and so far have only seen it for sale in Europe. Thanks.

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