The retro tree is now a reality

After my last post, I just could not get the image of my imaginary retro tree out of my mind.  So I started searching the ‘net for either a silver tinsel tree or a white one.  In the end, I abandoned the idea of a silver tinsel tree because I knew I wanted to add shiny ornaments to the tree, and that would all be a bit . . . much.  Even for me.  So I concentrated on white and looked around.

And looked and looked some more.  Sheesh!  I only wanted to spend, like, fifty bucks on this tree, since I had planned it to be a second tree in our house – one on which I could play around with decorations, etc.   Needless to say, nearly everything I encountered was well over a hundred and almost everything is prelit.  I didn’t want a prelit tree because I wanted to be able to change the lights around if I wanted to.  Don’t force me to have white lights, people!

Obviously, this retro tree chase was not going to be easy.

Then last weekend I was visiting my sister in Minnesota, and we decided to take a quick trip to a certain superstore that begins with W.  While we were there, I said I wanted to check out the Christmas trees to see if they had any unadvertised white ones that were within my budget.

And there, stacked alongside the green trees, was a simple little box containing a 6.5-foot white tree.  Unlit.  $40.

I tried not to do a little happy dance as I snatched it up.  Next stop: ornaments.

It was getting harder and harder NOT to do a happy dance as I saw what the ornament aisle held for me: sparkly starburst ornaments . . . for a dollar.  ONE FREAKING DOLLAR!  I found the silver ones and tried not to feel piggish while I snatched up every last one.  They had a whole slew of silver ornaments (and gold, and red, and green) so I grabbed some silver snowflakes as well.  I remembered I had blue, white, and silver ornaments from a couple years ago, so planned to use those to go with the blue and white lights that I purchased too.

Behold: my creation.

The ornament above was one I found last year in a dollar store.  Sadly, they only had three of them.  But hey, they go nicely with the dollar starburst ornaments:

. . . and the snowflake ones:

. . . and the blue, silver, and white ones:

And the white and blue lights look so pretty nestled among the white branches:

The best part, obviously, was the price.  In all, this creation probably ran me about $80 with the ornaments, lights, and tree topper.  And although it’s not quite from my favorite era (too 60’s-ish and not 50’s-ish enough), I am in love with it.  I can pretty much guarantee that my tree is unique.

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