Hot for Polka Dots

Every now and then I’ll get hooked on a color or a pattern, and it seems that every decision I make has to center around that obsession of the moment.  You know how Hollywood divas have a knack for demanding that everything around them be, say, white?  I’m kind of like that.  Except less crazy.

Take my kitchen for instance.  Once I decided on the red cracked ice table, it was like I became some sort of red junkie.  Now I have a red stepstool, red canisters, red glasses, a red potato bin, a red rug, and lots of red wine.

That’s just how much I get into matching sometimes.  Even the wine’s gotta match.

My current obsession is obvious from the title, and it also fits my retro personality.  I’ve already purchased two pieces of clothing off Etsy that have polka dots, and I’m scared to buy any more for fear that my students will start noticing the trend and might give me some sort of nickname based on my clothing preferences.  (It’s important to stay ahead of their way of thinking, ya know.)

Anyway, the polka dot thing is getting a little dangerous, because I find a need to “talk myself down” from purchasing every cute thing with polka dots.  It used to be starbursts that was my weak spot, but these dang polka dots are becoming equally as dangerous.

And, because I like to infect others with whatever disease I have at the moment (VERY MUCH hypothetically speaking), I’m passing along some of the cute things I’ve admired from afar in hopes that you might find something that brings a little polka dot joy into your life.

This Jessie Steele oven mitt is simply adorable.  After all, how many oven mitts come with bows on them?  Who says a gal can’t look kind of cute while pulling a casserole out of the oven?  Even better: under ten bucks from Amazon!

I think it’s safe to say that ironing board covers don’t exactly inspire me to iron anything.  In fact, most of them look as drab as the chore actually is.  This one, however, would add a little beauty to the ugliness of the board.  It probably won’t inspire me to iron any more, but whatever.  Under $25, also from Amazon.

These 250-count sheets are subtle (read: “not too girly”) so my husband may not even notice them if I give into the urge to purchase these at Wal-Mart.  They’re no longer available online, as they’re a clearance item, but you might be able to find them in the local stores.

One thing you have to know about me is that in most cases, I am notoriously thrifty.  Not to the point where I’ll stick ice cubes back in the freezer so I can re-use them, but I like to find a good deal.  In compiling my polka dot finds for this post, I ran across several sets of plates or bowls that were ridiculously spendy – like $80 for four dessert plates.  Seriously?  What are they made of that makes them so freakin’ special?  These little bowls from Target are not $80 or even close to that amount.  That’s why they rock.

I saw these baking cups on Amazon and thought, “Oh, those are cute, but I bet you get about 24 of them.”  Wrong, and thank goodness I was, because I’m bookmarking these things for the next time I make cupcakes for a get together.

(DISCLAIMER:  I have never baked cupcakes for a get together.  However, I am an optimist, so believe that someday I will.  So there.)

Anyway, you get 100 of them for under $7, and while I wouldn’t use these for the good old banana muffins that are favorites with my boys (they’d definitely scoff at the polka dots anyway), I would use these for a party.

That is, if I ever get invited to one.

(Cue the sad violin music.  I’m in the moment.)

Well, well, well.  No one can accuse me of favoring Amazon with my selections here, because I’m going all crazy and bringing you the goods from QVC.  These ceramic pieces can be used to cook and store.  They come in a variety of colors, and they’re a customer top-rated item.  That just has to count for something, right?  RIGHT?  Under $50, too, at the time of this writing.

Got $10 burning a hole in your pocket? (At last check, these babies were on clearance for way less!  Link has been updated; sorry for all of you who got a “page not found” because they moved it.)  Got a sinkful of dishes burning a hole in your nostrils from the putrid smell they’re giving off?  (I’m all about parallel comparisons/sentence structures, OK?)  Then these microfiber dish cloths will feel right at home in your kitchen.  They come from a store called Taylor Gifts, which might want to amend their photo so that it’s more representative of the actual product, since the “fine print” says that these dish cloths come in sets of three.  It’s always a mystery which color you won’t get!

Sorry for more polka dot kitchenware, but I couldn’t pass these up.  These coffee/tea/espresso cups and saucers come in their own satin-lined hatbox, and they look perfect for those girly afternoons.  (Again, I wouldn’t know, but I saw those types of gatherings on TV one time. $25 bucks for the set.)

I have a thing for aprons, even though I rarely wear them but often should.  This hostess apron is adorable and even looks like a handmade one that you might find stuffed in a box of textiles in an estate auction.  Imagine how adorable you’d look (I’m talking to the girls here) wearing this apron while serving guests at a party?  Notice I said “you.”  I have those kinds of parties only in my mind.

Are you high on the dots yet?  I can keep going, but I won’t, partially because it’s 10:14 p.m. in my little neck of the woods, and partially because I’m finding way too much stuff I want to buy.  I’m starting to sweat and break out in hives, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be seeing that oven mitt in my dreams tonight — in a pleasant manner, I hope.  I’d hate to ruin my polka dot dreams with visions of the Shufflefoot Burglar (no doubt related to the Barefoot Bandit) smothering me with such a pretty little oven mitt.  It might take the fun out of buying one, ya know?

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