A red cracked ice table needs a home!

I recently heard from a gal in Charlotte, North Carolina, who rescued a red cracked ice table from going to the dump.  She knows the value of a table like this, and while she’s not looking to make money on it, she would like to see it go to a home where it will be appreciated.  Take a look at the photos she supplied:

This one looks to be in decent condition.  The aluminum trim can be purchased online to replace what’s missing, if I’m not mistaken.  With a little TLC and the help of a handyman, this table would be the eye-catching centerpiece of the kitchen.

If you want to contact Tracie, you can reply to her comment under this post, or you can contact me directly and I will pass the info on to her.  jen(at)crackediceandchrome(dot)com.

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