Show me the light

When I’m not agonizing over flooring, I’m agonizing over lighting. Realistically, lighting shouldn’t be such a big deal, because lighting is undoubtedly more easily changed out than flooring. But still … my greatest fear is that I get all these cool lights installed and then I look around and think, “Whoa … what was I thinking?” Worse yet, I fear that I have someone over to visit after the remodel and they do that stone-faced look while saying, “Uh, it’s …. different.” Not that I have any friends who would do that, but still, the fear is there.

To guarantee I don’t have tunnel vision while picking out lighting, I’m trying to review my previous choices and visit as many different lighting sites as I can. I’m finding that I am continually drawn to the same lights over and over again, so perhaps I should learn to trust my own judgment a little more.

Because I want the kitchen to have chrome accents, I’ve been scouring internet sites for lighting that has chrome and hints of a retro feel.

This light is by George Kovacs and is called Bling Bling. Shiny chrome, crystal accents, and one can certainly see that it deserves the name. When I saw this, I imagined it hanging in the dining room over the chrome table.

Is there such a thing as too much chrome?

Judging by the automobile trends of the 50s, I’d have to say no.

This light is a strong competitor to the Bling light (in my mind, that is … you’d be amazed at the competition going on in my mind on a daily basis. Violence! Gore! Anarchy!). The only thing I don’t like about it is that it takes a halogen light. And halogen lights tend to run on the hot side. But it looks cool, and it has a cool lighting concept (refraction light) that I’m not even going to pretend to understand.

Yet another George Kovacs light (must like that guy’s style) that is a little on the plain side, but has a retro look for its “upside-down martini glass” look. And, as Forrest Gump would say, that’s all I have to say about that. It’s running about 3rd or 4th place at the moment.

We also have a light above our current “dining area” (I use the term very, very loosely) that is currently occupied by an unsightly gold-toned chandelier. I’d like to replace it with a flush-mount ceiling light with chrome accents. Trouble is, nearly all flush-mount ceiling lights look alike. Very hard to find something original.

This one I like. It has a retro feel, but modern look. The only drawback is that it’s brushed chrome rather than polished chrome. Will this be too many finishes if everything else I have in polished chrome? I’m kind of stupid about this stuff.

This one has polished chrome and an alabaster shade, which looks pretty. Nice polished chrome, interesting alabaster. Still, I like the lines of the other one better.

This battle will go on, inside my mind. I can only hope that I can make a decision soon … before the forces utterly destroy themselves.

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