Meanwhile, back in Iowa …

Apparently, our bank’s phones have been hijacked and they are unable to provide an update with our home improvement loan. I know, I could call them too, but I need to take a breather after the weekend I just had. Assuming that our renovation will get going soon, it was the perfect weekend to precede what will probably be a crazy building mess. School starts next week, which will just add to the joy that is Everyday Life. Goodbye, summer, hellooooooo classes!

This weekend I went to visit my sister who lives about 3 hours from me. It was what we called a “kid-free” weekend, for obvious reasons. Our kids were being tended elsewhere, so we were free to act like two 30-something women without kids, which entailed sitting around the pool and getting sunburned beyond recognition. So, that was fun.

I shouldn’t say that our weekend was totally kid-free … we essentially did have two little babies — in the form of yellow lab puppies. Daisy and Tulip are their names, and they have absolutely NO cute qualities between them. Homely beyond recognition, those two:

Daisy is on the left, Tulip is on the right. See what I mean? There’s no way I’d be persuaded to get up at 5:30 a.m. to let these two outside to go poop.

Daisy and Tulip were lucky enough to get their first official doggie portraits done this weekend. While I was at my sister’s house, I agreed to bring along my photography backdrops and do some shots of her quartet. Since we had the whole shebang set up, I figured the dogs could be used for my initial test shots.

The quartet portraits turned out pretty well, actually. The sun was not cooperating with us and was beaming down in full force, so the outside portraits were a little harsh. But toward the end, the sun went behind the clouds and I was able to snap off a couple of gems:

Good lighting, and a soft-focus filter created a nice dreamy look.

Tweaking the pic in iPhoto, I added an antique filter and adjusted the color to create a different sort of mood here:

Here are a couple others that turned out well:

And one more to complete the cuteness overload from the dogs:

Can dogs smile? ‘Cuz she looks darn happy.

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