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Random thoughts – Page 2 – Cracked Ice and Chrome

Snippets of life

It’s the end of the quarter at school, which not only means that I get to spend my weekend correcting mountains of papers, but I’ve also lost most of my ability to form paragraphs longer than a sentence or two — which yes, I know, isn’t really a paragraph.  My brain is tired, but I have had some interesting things happens lately.  The result?  Snippet-writing time.
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Goodbye, Cap’n

Captain 11 has signed off for good.

If you understood what I just wrote, then you must be from South Dakota or a bordering state. I grew up around Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and we knew a man named Dave Dedrick as “Captain 11” – the host of a kid’s show of the local television station, KELO. The Captain 11 show rain for many years — 1955-1996 — and was modeled after a similar show being broadcast out of Minneapolis. The ultimate honor for kids in the area was being able to be on the Captain 11 program; most kids have a memory of either being part of the show for their own birthday or tagging along with a birthday party group. I was on it a couple times, I think, although the memories are now so faded that they have become a composite of all I remember about the show in general.
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Owls . . . and other strange trends

I am continually fascinated by trends — why something is so hot and fashionable one moment only to be considered kitschy and dated the next.   Understandably, we all want something different to spice up our everyday surroundings.  But still, I wonder why some things were trends at all.  The fashion trends I went through in elementary and middle school (but often didn’t partake in, thank goodness) are a perfect case in point. Continue reading “Owls . . . and other strange trends”


Evidently, Mother Nature is confused

It seems surreal to be sitting in my house on November 8th with all the windows open and the furnace off.  And yes, I know what you’re thinking:  why am I inside and not out there enjoying all of it?  Oh, I have been — trust me.  The boys and I went for a 3 1/2 hour walk through a nearby state park, walking the trails and doing boy things like digging in the stream and finding cool rocks.  Imagine my shock when I reached into the stream and pulled out this little gem:
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