Jack’s Country Store

A few months ago I bought a tablecloth from Jack’s Country Store, needing to cover my cracked ice table with something to minimize the scratching that my boys were inflicting from running their toys all over it.  I purchased an adorable tablecloth that looked like it was straight out of grandma’s kitchen — nice pastel colors with cherries.  Incidentally, they must have been phasing out their larger sized tablecloths, because all the ones they sell now are 52×52, which doesn’t quite reach the end of my table, but the cloths are cute nonetheless.


I saw all of their tablecloths plus everything else they sell when they sent me their new product catalog.  What fun it was to look through that.  Not only do they sell retro food items like Beeman’s gum, but they sell classic kitchen appliances and personal care items from yesteryear.  Blue Waltz perfume, anyone?


After discovering another “country store” online that carried many of the same products as Jack’s, I noticed that this other country store’s prices were almost TWICE as much as Jack’s.  Yikes!

Take a tour through their online store . . . it is truly a trip back through time!  I will admit that the overall design of their site could use some improvement. Their search feature is not at all helpful.  When I was trying to find the Blue Waltz perfume to link to it, for example, my search brought up oodles of binoculars.  However, if you have their catalog and know what you’re looking for, the process should be easier.  UPDATE:  You can download their catalog right to your computer.  How cool is that?

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