An unhealthy addiction

Going on the title, you might expect me to ‘fess up to something really bad — a nasty meth habit or something along those lines. But no . . . the addiction I’m about to peruse here is only a tad more lethal.

::::: Deep breath :::::

I have an addiction to retro Christmas graphics. I buy thin, worthless wrapping paper at discount stores merely because the design is retro. I will buy a bulk lot of 250 Christmas cards (when I only send out about 25 each year) because the font is totally ’50s. I need help, and I realize that this is the first step.

Of course, the addict will go in seek of the poison, and that’s just what happened when I stumbled into Etsy the other day. (I swear I didn’t type the URL . . . I just ended up there!) I saw this, noted it was the correct size for my table, and I was a goner.


A plastic.’50s. Christmas. Tablecloth.  PLASTIC!  I spent money on a PLASTIC tablecloth (new in the package)!

Then again, I have small children, so I can still use them as an excuse.

But the retro Santa, coupled with the nifty ’50s design, sent me over the edge.  I just couldn’t say no, plastic or not.   What’s more, it’ll look right at home on my chrome table.

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