Headin’ out for some Midwestern fun

I’m packing up the kids and heading out to my parents’ house this weekend so that we can enjoy a weekend at a threshing bee. What’s a threshing bee, you ask? Well, to anyone who wasn’t born in the Midwest, it might look like a bunch of farmers who get together, reminisce about the old days, and participate in demonstrations of ancient farm equipment. Truthfully, there is a little more to it than that, although the event does center around tractors and farm equipment. The boys enjoy going, of course, because they are able to spend some money at the vendors who gather there — particularly the vendor who sells toy tractors and cars. What more does a boy need in life? Not much.

To give you an idea of what kinds of things happen at a threshing bee, take a look at this year’s Saturday schedule:


(Lest you be alarmed that I am bringing my kids to some murderous Olympian event, the “Blood Run Tour” is actually a tour via hayrack of ancient Indian burial mounds.)

See all the fun there is to have? I mean, really, your life is not complete unless you attend a skidloader rodeo.

Be back Monday or Tuesday.

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2 Replies to “Headin’ out for some Midwestern fun”

  1. What?? No “Mutton Busting”??

    That was real popular when My Jen & her husband/kids lived in southern Minnesota.

    My old German father was a HUGE fan of steam & antique shows. He would do the Mt. Pleasant, Iowa one faithfully. Also went to Albert Lea, MN, Jefferson, IA and then in the ’70s he founded a 10-year show in my home town, Ricketts, Iowa.

    On my family wall, I have a red ribbon festooned with all his souvenir steam show buttons. Good times!

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