Time flies when you’re NOT having fun, too

I know. I know! It’s been a week (or two) since I last updated this blog, but once you hear my tale of woe, I think you might feel a twinge of pity for me.

Seventeen days of school left, and our internet at school has been on and off for about three weeks now. Mostly off, which means that all those internet-related duties that are now associated with my job are impossible to do: entering grades, lesson plans, and grabbing videos, etc. for content enhancement. Email is also down, which means that communication has been sporadic and sluggish. How did anyone pass information along “back in the day”? I know the answer, of course, but it’s interesting how a disruption in technology can make one ponder how it’s changed the daily chores of this profession.

Seventeen days of school left, and I have a pile of about 42 research papers, another 42 expository papers, and another batch coming in on Friday. I’m getting through them as quickly as possible, but that’s just the workload for one class. I have three others that also provide a steady stream of papers. A few weeks ago I was starting to majorly panic about this. But now? I think because I know the end is near I’m just plodding along, getting as much done as possible.

May just happens to be an ultra busy month for our house, not only because I’m wrapping up school stuff. Two birthdays occur this month as well — my youngest son’s and my husband’s. Add into this mix the few dozen graduation open houses that I’ve been invited to, and I very much want to buy a one-way ticket to Timbuktu and change my name. It’s all good, I know, but I tend to feel very claustrophobic when my calendar begins looking like the fifteenth draft of an upcoming novel.

Seventeen days of school left, and I’m trying to hang on for dear life. Send help! 😉

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