Bathroom Sea Life, 50’s style

When I was growing up, our family would visit my grandparents’ lake cabin in the summertime. Man, was that house a treasure trove of 1950s collectibles, although at the time (70s-80s), who knew? Even more, who cared? I don’t think the nostalgia for the 1950s had yet begun to bubble up.

In the bathroom lived two coral-colored fish that hung on the wall. Although they were somewhat gaudy looking with big red lips, I remember that they were always in their predictable spots on the wall whenever I’d come to visit. I began to depend on those fish; if all else changed dramatically in my life, I always knew those coral-colored fish would still be hanging in their same places on the bathroom wall.

When my grandparents closed their lake cabin in the mid-90s, my grandmother made sure to give me those fish, and they did hang in my own bathroom at one time or another. Yet now, with a burgundy and black bathroom, it’s hard to fit in the fish with the color scheme.

I’ve noticed several different examples of fish wall art on eBay as of late, and today was no exception. Quite tempting are the three seahorses. Beautiful, aren’t they?




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2 Replies to “Bathroom Sea Life, 50’s style”

  1. I love all the 1950’s collectibles. The 1950’s and early 1960’s is my favourite period in time. I particuarly like the the three seahorses, its a shame you dont have a bigger picture of these.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! All I had to go on were the original eBay pictures, which tend to be on the small side. They are beautiful; I wish I had unlimited funds and space to collect stuff like this.

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