Goodbye, July?

I did a doubletake when I looked at the calendar this morning. July 28? Can that be accurate? It seems like five days ago when I was just getting back from Branson.

It feels like I fell down a rabbithole somewhere, and I guess I have. I started the tedious process of trying to get my materials ready for the school year. This year is a wee bit different, of course because I have no idea what the school year is going to look like.

Our governor has mandated that classes must meet in person at least 50% of the time this year. Whatever. That’s fine. I just want to know what I am supposed to plan for. Then again, I should just plan to make sure that all my lessons have a digital component as well because even if we decide to meet 100% in person, there will still be families who do not feel comfortable sending kids to class and we will have to deliver online instruction to them. That’s not a huge deal to me because I have been putting most of my work on Google Classroom for the past several years. But still – I need to go through and make sure I am ready.

I am not sure what one would have to do in order to really feel ready, but I am going to give a good imitation of someone who knows how do it all.

So that explains my absence for the past couple of weeks. I’m still here – I’m just spending most of my day squinting at a computer screen, making sure that everything I do has a digital component to go with it.

I’ll be back.

(If you didn’t say that in your best Schwartzenegger voice, then I am very disappointed in you.)

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