Starry, starry night

The countertops were installed today.  What a difference a countertop makes!  Before we had cream-colored tiles, which pretty much added nothing to our neutral-heavy room.  But black?  It even makes the “early American” cabinet hardware look good.  Well, kind of.  For now … until I get my chrome.

The material is Silestone, and it’s called Stellar Night.  It’s not easy to see in this picture, but it has flecks of silver in it, making it look very much like a starry sky.

For now, ignore the areas where they had to cut through the tile to put in the new backsplash.  Someday, ALL of the ugly tile will be gone.  Oh, and ignore the odd-looking sink.  For reasons unknown, none of the plumbing was finished.  I hope it all will be finished tomorrow.

Look at the little flecks in this stuff … isn’t it heavenly?

True to my word, once night falls I’m going to get a jar candle, light it, and watch the sparklies sparkle.  I might take a picture of it too … just depends whether I can snap myself out of the beauty of it all.

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  1. It looks awesome! I love it! We went with black granite with white cabinets. Love the contrast! Just found you through blogher. I love remodeling websites so I will surely be back 🙂

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