Stress-relief shopping

Three . . . more . . . days!  That’s the mantra that runs through my head as the school year of 09-10 comes to a close.  The papers aren’t all graded yet, but I see that tiny, tiny light at the end of the tunnel, and I’m spring full force toward it.

Last weekend, my mother earned her Saintly Grandmother duties and took my kids for the weekend, so I had some of that stuff that other people call “free time.”  This time of year, free time is a precious commodity, and since ol’ hubby and I hadn’t had a date night in eons, it was a welcome change of pace.

Saturday was a shopping day all to myself, and I hit the town.  (Note:  “hitting the town” is not that impressive when you see the town in which I live.)  It’s not all bad; for a community of about 5000, we have a pretty healthy downtown shopping district.  Imagine my unabashed joy when I saw that the antique store was finally open.  In I went, and I came out with these:

The napkin dispenser is well worn, but it still has that old charm to it.  The salt and pepper shakers may have been repainted on top, for they are flawless, but I’ve always liked hobnail pieces, and these looked like they belonged on the cracked ice table.

This little beauty just needed a little TLC.  Yes, those fans are a hazard to little fingers, but I’ve already warned mine in scary term what would happen to them if they stuck their fingers anywhere near there — and that punishment wouldn’t be one that I was delivering.  The base was originally a dull industrial gray, but once I painted it red — gee, a favorite color, ya think? — it looked nearly new again.  It works, too, although it’s not the quietest fan I’ve ever heard.  It almost growls as if it means business.  And if I don’t have a towel under it, it will vibrate itself right off the table.  It’s like the Chuck Norris of fans.

This penguin server is in great condition; there’s only a small mark on the underside of the lid.  What household doesn’t need a good hot/cold server?  I imagine this little baby will be quite useful for holding great gobs of mashed potatoes.

Retro Santas and starbursts — two of my ultimate faves when it comes to retro finds.  It’s pretty much a guarantee that I will falter if I find an item that combines starbursts with anything.

Well, my other children (aka all the papers awaiting me online) are beckoning, for I’ve ignored them for a whole, oh, hour.  Thus, my personal time has come to an end as I return to my “children” in order to “put them to bed.”

If I start thinking of them as children, does that mean the whole mental breakdown has begun in earnest?

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