The contractors worked most of the day today, installing trim and quarter-round.  My coveted George Kovacs “Bling Bling” light was hung, and, at that moment, angels sang.  Until the table comes in, we’re using our wobbly card table as a very, very, VERY poor substitute.  The K Mart tablecloth (obviously straight out of the bag, hence the wrinkles) almost hides the ugly thing. But the chairs are cool, aren’t they?

Next decision: curtains. God help me on this one.


Show me the light

When I’m not agonizing over flooring, I’m agonizing over lighting. Realistically, lighting shouldn’t be such a big deal, because lighting is undoubtedly more easily changed out than flooring. But still … my greatest fear is that I get all these cool lights installed and then I look around and think, “Whoa … what was I thinking?” Worse yet, I fear that I have someone over to visit after the remodel and they do that stone-faced look while saying, “Uh, it’s …. different.” Not that I have any friends who would do that, but still, the fear is there. Continue reading “Show me the light”