Toys as I found them

This post might be evidence that the summer is starting to rot my brain. Then again, maybe it just represents the fact that if you look at something long enough, you will begin to see it from multiple possible angles — literally and figuratively. Today, as I was watching my boys collecting baby toads in the yard (a never-ending quest for boys, it seems), and I noticed some of their toys that they had left in mid-action that struck me as funny.

Some of these toy combinations can induce great sadness. The accidents that happen at the hands of two young boys are never pretty, especially for the figures of plastic that are at the mercy of my boys’ whims. How are the boys to understand the aftermath? What happens after they walk away?


There are multiple tragedies that occurred here. First, the obvious: they didn’t see the bird feeder until it was too late. I mean, it was right in the middle of the deck railing — just came out of nowhere! BAM! Bodies flying everywhere. Obviously, my boys didn’t bother to summon help. They just let them lie there and suffer.

What would the families of these men think? I mean, really — a GI and a storm trooper, together, riding on the same ATV . . . one can only imagine the speculation that will follow as a result of my boys’ carelessness. They will be discovered. There will be whispers, and innuendos, and countless rumors.

Not all the toys have tragic endings, however. Sometimes my boys leave the toys at the start of a great adventure, and my mind reels with the possibilities that lie ahead for those people. This man braved the thunderstorms of late — the wind, the rain, the hail, and the lightning — and landed bravely (albeit a bit cockeyed) on the deck railing:


He made it! People said he was too big to fit in that plane and that he’d never find what he was looking for. But Peter Parker (that’s the name my boys gave him, and yes, it could be Spider-Man in disguise) knew there was a world beyond the plastic one he had been born in. He had seen pictures of green, living things in the world, and he had confidence that with the right equipment and a little faith, he could find them.

In his excitement, he didn’t see the tragic ATV accident behind him. He was here! Look at the lush greenery ahead of him! He hesitated in awe while he contemplated how his life just changed forever. No more plastic cities where he was expected to find crime. He was in the big, bad world, where there were things more dangerous that other plastic men to fear. There was that calico cat, for example, who was currently sitting in the corner of the porch, watching him hungrily. There were birds coming in for food. Daddy longleg spiders crouched in the recesses of the tree in front of him, waiting to challenge him. So many possibilities! So little time!

Sadly, I don’t think he knows of the danger of my boys. He’ll be outnumbered and outsmarted there.

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